From the NYTimes review of ‘Physics of the Future’

Martin Amis in his War Against Cliche:

Money is a vital substance in her world; the moment you enter it you feel the frank horror of moneylessness, as intense as the tacit horror of spinsterhood. Funnily enough, our hopes for Elizabeth and Darcy are egalitarian, and not avaricious, in tendency. We want love to bring about the redistribution of wealth. To inspire such a man to disinterested desire, non-profit-making desire: this is the romantic hinge.

Amen to that!

Scene              : A Toyshop

Performers : Husband and Wife


Husband : (holding aloft a soft toy) How about this?

Wife           : Lets only buy the ones that he already recognizes.

Husband : I know…that’s why I picked this Mickey Mouse.

Wife           : (nonplussed) That is a Donald Duck.


I look forward to getting rid of the clutter when he is gone.Shelves and trunks emptied of back issues of magazines , decades of utility bills, journals chronicling the hatred ,news paper cuttings,health tips,recipe books,photocopies of letters sent,self help books,dictionaries,books that teach kannada/malayalam/hindi in 10 days…
My catharsis lies in the empty spaces.

Speakin of birthdays…

Kazhaga Kanmanigal viz ‘Maavatta kazhaga seyallalar’ and other such shady party characters pledged their loyalty by placing Cut Outs for Amma on her bdday i.e today…

Lil A also celebrates her bdday today. 4 years.Appa is ready to spout more philosophy.Happy bdday dear.

Upcoming celebrity bddays: March 1st – Thunai Mudhalavar & Thalapathi (Gopalapuram walls are already bleeding red n black).